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Cubs-Indians Game 7 tonight, whoo-hoo! The company that lets you turn your relative’s ashes into dinnerware. And the parrot who revealed a husband’s affair


Two words: Game 7. Two more words: World Series.
Two more words: Cubs-Indians.

Yep, I’m thinking there’s not going to be a lot of office productivity in Chicago and Cleveland tomorrow. In fact, those two cities might as well just call tomorrow a municipal holiday or something, tell everyone to stay home and just stare at the clock until 8 p.m. Eastern.

That’s because last night the Chicago Cubs, trying to win the World Series for the first time since Teddy Roosevelt was President (he’s one of the dudes on Mt. Rushmore, if you forgot), beat the Cleveland Indians, 9-3, in Game 6 to force one final game in this baseball season.

It’s November, and they’re still playing the summer game. Roger Angell, who at 96 is still amazing, wrote that he’s enjoying this series so much he wants it to be best 8 out of 15. I’d sign for that. They’re still playing because the Indians, bless their plucky hearts, are basically down to one starting pitcher, but lucky for them he’s pitching tonight (for the 3rd time in 9 days!!!).

The Cubs offense has come alive, they have better talent overall. The Indians are at home, can watch the movie “Major League” to get fired up (Roger Dorn must throw out the first pitch for Game 7! OK, or LeBron…), and must realize that all their fans who were making jokes about the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead in a championship series will no longer find it so funny if the Tribe lose tonight.

Atmosphere will be electric. The hours will slog by today, for all sports fans.

Game 7. Tonight. God I love sports.


**Next up today, I can’t really believe someone thought this was a good idea, but I also could totally believe people out there will pay money for this.

A company called Chronicle Cremation Designs has created a way for people grieving the loss of loved ones to keep them around. In the cupboard.

Chronicle offers an array of dishware infused with the cremated remains of loved ones. You send them the ashes, they send you a grandma mug or bowl that’s ready to use and is dishwasher safe.

Really, this is a thing.

Justin Crowe, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, mixes cremated human ashes into a glaze which he uses to coat bowls, vases, candle holders, coffee cups, urns and other ceramic items. Once they’ve been fired in a kiln, the glaze becomes food- and drink-safe.

Is this really something anyone really wanted? To eat blueberry pie off of Uncle Chester, and drink some late-night tea in a glass of Grandma Beatrice? The whole thing strikes me as creepy.

But hey, as they said on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” your aunt never could hold her liquor, but now she can!


**Finally today, this is one of the best stories regarding a parrot and a cheating husband you’ll ever see.

A woman in Kuwait thought her husband was fooling around on her, but had no proof. That’s until the couple’s pet parrot spilled the beans (or spilled the birdseed, if you will).

Adultery is illegal in Kuwait, and according to the The Daily Mail,  the woman who suspected her husband of cheating with their maid marched their pet parrot to police after it began spouting saucy lines she knew hadn’t been said to her.

She believed the parrot had exposed her husband’s secret trysts.

The woman took the parrot to police and filed an adultery complaint against her partner.

But, (and this is my favorite part), the authorities ruled the parrot’s evidence was inadmissible because it was impossible to determine where the bird had heard it. (Take that, “Law and Order!” Finally something you’ve never done an episode on.)

The Kuwaiti police argued he could have picked up the scandalous lines from television or a radio show.

In the strict Muslim country of Kuwait adultery is illegal and people found guilty of having affairs are subject to severe punishment.

Sounds like this guy needs to have a talk with his parrot. “What, ‘Polly want a cracker’ was too boring for you? I fed you caviar and let you watch HBO while my girlfriend was over, and THIS is how you repay me???”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3874298/Parrot-squawking-saucy-words-exposes-man-s-affair-housemaid-wife-marches-bird-police-station-demanding-justice.html#ixzz4OojypYeV
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This Cubs-Indians World Series is going to be awesome. The new “Gilmore Girls” trailer is out and I’m super-excited. And a disgusting Texas policy: kicking special needs kids out of class to meet quotas


There are lots of times in sports when scribes have to “invent” a storyline for a playoff series, when you’ve got to stretch and pull and inflate the smallest connections or controversies to generate interest. Trust me, I’ve done it plenty in my career.

But with the World Series that started Tuesday night, man, there are about 32 storylines that make me excited, which is why I’m hoping this becomes an epic World Series. (Game 1 was a 6-0 rout, but that won’t be the norm.)

You’ve got the two incredible droughts, with the Cubbies not having won for 108 years and the Indians “only” failing to win a title for 68. You’ve got the manager of the Indians, Terry Francona, going against the Cubs’ front-office mastermind Theo Epstein, who oh-by-the-way is the guy who, along with Francona, helped the Red Sox end THEIR 86-year drought (My million-dollar idea: Can we send Theo Epstein to California to help them? Because between the Red Sox and the Cubs, dude is really good at ending droughts. Thank you, I’ll be here all night.)

You’ve got the Cubs’ ace, Jon Lester, pitching against a manager (Francona) he won a Series with. You’ve got Cleveland, with 3/5th of their pitching rotation hurt, making an improbable run to the series. You’ve got the city of Cleveland, which didn’t win a title in any sport for 52 years, now possibly winning two just in 2016. You’ve got Cubs manager Joe Maddon, the coolest dude in the sport, trying to finally win a crown.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. One of these teams is going to end decades of futility in the next two weeks. They’re evenly matched, the crowds will be nuts, and I think it’ll go seven games.

Sometimes, baseball really deserves to take center stage again. This is one of those times.

**Next up today, I believe I’ve written about this before but I’m pretty darn excited about the “Gilmore Girls” reunion movies coming to Netflix on Nov. 25. The network has done a great job teasing out bits and pieces of the reunion stuff, but now finally we’ve gotten the full-scale trailer for it. If you’re a fan like me, you’re psyched, but also a little saddened at how old some of the characters look (Kirk, you haven’t aged well, but Miss Patty and Dean basically look the same.)

Man, I really, really hope these new episodes are good. So far, it looks very promising (though the Richard Gilmore painting is a little frightening).

**Finally today, a pretty horrifying story out of Texas. Fantastic reporting and investigating by the Houston Chronicle has discovered that schools across the state “have ousted children with disabilities from needed services in order to comply with a Texas Education Agency decree that no more than 8.5 percent of students should obtain specialized education. School districts seeking to meet the arbitrary benchmark have not only made services harder to get into but have resorted to removing hundreds and hundreds of kids.”

The story, part of an investigative series, talks about how educators were pressured to “weed out” students with certain forms of autism, dyslexia, and other disabilities.

We’re talking tens of thousands of students, not getting the help and extra attention they desperately need, because a stupid agency decides on an arbitrary, cost-saving idea. The weakest and most in need of help get shunted aside.

This is from Part 1 of the series:

“Over a decade ago, the officials arbitrarily decided what percentage of students should get special education services — 8.5 percent — and since then they have forced school districts to comply by strictly auditing those serving too many kids.

Their efforts, which started in 2004 but have never been publicly announced or explained, have saved the Texas Education Agency billions of dollars but denied vital supports to children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, epilepsy, mental illnesses, speech impediments, traumatic brain injuries, even blindness and deafness, a Houston Chronicle investigation has found.”

What an incredibly important story, that sadly will get 1/100th of the attention whatever stupid thing a Kardashian or Trump said will get. The TEA leadership should be prosecuted for treating these students and families so shabbily. Check out the story here.