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A British study on porn gets cancelled for a bizarre reason. King Henrik plays Guns N’ Roses. And an incredible college hoops sequence


This whole Lance Armstrong thing just disgusts me more and more the longer I think about it. There may be a really long vent about him coming in this space tomorrow; just a warning.

The British newspapers are an endless source of amusement to me. Seriously, I could do this blog just about every day with bizarre headlines ripped from the pages of The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, and their beautiful tabloid cousins.

But this story was my favorite in a while. It seems that a researcher at the University of Montreal named Simon Louis Lajeunesse was trying to conduct a study into how watching pornography affects men.

Except he had to radically re-think the experiment when he could not find any young men who had not watched it.

According to this story,  researchers wanted to compare the behavior of men who viewed sexually explicit material with those who had never looked at it all.

But Simon had to change his plan when he couldn’t find ANY male volunteers who’d never seen naked women doing stuff to naked men, or to each other.

“We started our research seeking men in their twenties who had never consumed pornography but we couldn’t find any,” the professor said.

Sorry, I’m not buying it. Come on fellas, you couldn’t find some ultra-religious family in Canada who wouldn’t let their kids use the computer or watch TV until they were 21, and use them as subjects? Or some complete straight-arrow who only likes watching a man and woman in healthy, committed acts?

Undeterred, Simon and his colleagues did a different porn study, finding that single men typically spend about 40 minutes viewing porn three times a week, while men in committed relationships averaged 20 minute porn viewing sessions 1.7 times a week.

To which I say “men in committed relationships have that much time on their hands?”

**Rangers fans like me already know Henrik Lundqvist, the best goaltender in the world, is a very cool guy. He’s handsome, he plays the guitar, and he’s just always seemed the coolest cat in the room.

Well, he added to that legacy Friday night, when he did this on Jimmy Fallon. Somewhere, Axl Rose should be smiling (the good part starts at :17)…

**So I didn’t see this live, but check out the end of regulation in the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss college basketball game Tuesday night. Ole Miss eventually won, but check this out; back to back buzzer-beaters!