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The devastating Joplin tornado and global warming. And Katy Perry demands you not drive and speak to her

I can’t stop looking at these photos from the Joplin, Mo. tornado.
As bad the pictures from Tuscaloosa, Ala. were a few weeks ago, it seems like these were worse.
Hearing the stories, on CNN and elsewhere like this NY Times account, is heartbreaking. This tornado will go down as one of the worst in history, experts are saying.
Besides feeling awful for the victims, all this tornado coverage got me thinking about global warming.
Seems to me tornadoes used to be isolated to just a few small parts of the country. Kansas, Oklahoma, and maybe 1-2 other states.
We never had tornadoes in Alabama. Not often in Missouri, either. And the powerful force of these babies is almost unprecedented.
So I got to wondering if global warming might be to blame. You know, if it exists (all those Republicans seem to deny it, and hey, when are THEY ever wrong?)
This article here says global warming could be one factor in the rash of big tornadoes, but it’s not the main reason.
And global warming will only get worse, as our leaders continue to debate whether it even exists.
Hoping and praying the people of Joplin get through this disaster in one piece.

**I never have had particularly strong feelings about the singer Katy Perry. Saw a story on her on the news once, she seemed like a nice-enough person, a few of her songs seem decent, yada yada yada.

But thanks to The Smoking Gun, I have learned what a narcissistic, obnoxious prig she (and her handlers) are.
TSG has acquired Katy Perry’s concert “rider,” which if you don’t know, is the incredibly detailed list of requirements and demands that rock stars’ management give to concert promoters and arena managers. Basically, it’s a list of conditions and things that, if you want to get the star to play your arena, you have to adhere to.
Among all the other demands for certain foods and furniture Miss Perry must have at her disposal, was this page with Perry’s requirements for her driver.
The driver must not look at Miss Perry. He/She must not engage her in any conversation, he must not talk on his cell phone at all, and for God’s sake, the driver must have FOUR bottles of water in the car at all times!

This kind of stuff makes me nuts. Now listen, I know she’s not the only rock star who acts like this, or has her handlers act like this for them. But it still makes me crazy.

There’s probably 5,000 words in me on the subject of how ridiculous it is that we glorify rock stars (and all celebrities, really) so they think they’re entitled to make such insane demands on people, and demean them so.
But for now, let me just issue this one request: Chaueffeurs of the world, if you’re ever driving Katy Perry around your town, I dare you to say hello to her!

The Thong Bandit, Bree McMahon comes home, and a very cool Halloween costume


A weird story, an uplifting story, and a cool-ass Halloween costume for your Saturday pleasure:

**So we’ve written a few times in this space about Bree McMahon, the remarkable young soccer player from Orlando’s Freedom High School who had one leg amputated in a horrific accident at a school car wash fundraiser in September.

Well, if you need some more inspiration in your life, I highly recommend this latest column on Bree from the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi, who has been chronicling Bree’s recovery. This young woman has shown such remarkable courage and optimism through her ordeal, and now she’s finally been released from the hospital.

She’s already talking about how quickly she wants to play soccer again, once she gets a prosthetic leg. Such a great kid; the kind we all hope to have.

**The Smoking Gun delivers another glorious story to my inbox today. Let me introduce you to Kendra Clem, a 23-year-old woman who decided to steal from Intimate Apparel, a Kentucky store that sells, well, intimate apparel. Apparently Miss Clem decided to shoplift Monday night, and she did it while wearing only a hoodie and two pairs of stolen thongs (Why two? I wondered the same thing).

But alas, Miss Clem was apprehended, and the thongs were returned. Boy, I really hope the store doesn’t try to re-sell them.

***Finally, in honor of Halloween, perhaps the coolest costume of all time. Seriously, if this were around when I was a kid, I would’ve begged and pleaded for it. Watch to the end, it’s only 1 minute long.