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I have mixed feelings about all these Confederate statues coming down, but ESPN’s move Tuesday is ridiculous. Rick Astley and Foo Fighters team up because, you know, sure.

**Next up today, I present the following, without comment. My beautiful Foo Fighters-loving wife told me about this;the Dave Grohl-led band did a concert over the weekend and at the end, they invited Rick Astley on stage, and then they proceeded to Rick Roll the audience by playing his awful 1980s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up,” but in a hard rock kind of way.

It’s quite the spectacle.

**Finally today, I think I’ve said this before but I think some articles are written in the New York Times just for me. Like this one, for example. Eddie Murphy’s hilarious 1983 stand-up comedy special “Delirious” was a huge staple of my childhood; I watched it, listened to it, repeated its best lines over and over with my friends. It was awesome.

Maybe the best part of the special his Eddie’s “Ice Cream Man,” bit, and if you’re already laughing, you’re like me. The New York Times broke down the brilliance of the 4-minute bit, and it’s actually really great.

Of course, the whole bit itself (above) is worth watching first. Definitely NSFW, in case you weren’t sure.

The Texas school board is bat-shit crazy, VP Joey B entertains again, and Rove gets slammed

I make fun of the state of Florida on here a lot  because A, I live here, and 2, because it’s just such a bizarre place.

But as odd as the Sunshine State is, I’ll still venture to say that Texas is a wackier place. By a country mile. (I always liked that expression, even though I never lived in the country.)

You may have heard about this, but if not, I’m here to tell you that the schoolchildren of Texas are in for an awfully rude awakening when they get their new textbooks.

Last week the Texas Board of Education voted to significantly change the school curriculum. Some of the things they are modifying are reducing the scope of teaching Latin history (because hey, only white people’s history is important, right?), a more positive showing of Cold War anticommunism in the 1950s (that Joe McCarthy fellow was right to accuse every American of being a Russki sympathizer! They all just lied to Congress back then!), and my personal favorite, de-emphasizing Thomas Jefferson and his writings.

Let that sink in for a moment. THOMAS JEFFERSON! One of the most important men in the history of the world, guy who wrote that little piece called the Declaration of Independence, is not going to be given prominence in Texas history books.

Why, you ask? Easy. He helped draft that little “separation of church and state” thing that’s still the law of the land. And you see, in Texas, that’s not a real popular position.

What’s really scary is that Texas’ textbooks often filter over to other states with shortages, so it’s not just the loons of the Loon Star State whose kids will be affected by this.

De-emphasizing Thomas Jefferson. Un-by-god-believable.

Psst, hey Mexico, got a second? Want to get a rematch in that whole 19th century war thing with those guys?

**I’ve been wondering for a while who, exactly, Joe Biden is in this administration, and yep, it turns out he’s Fredo Corleone. He’s the lovable guy who can’t help screwing up, and yet he never curbs his behavior or stops being the guy he always is.

And we can’t help loving him. Tuesday’ ole’ Joe was at it again, saying the F word with a thousand microphones around at President Obama’s health care reform press conference. Ah, Joe.

**Finally, Karl Rove is a desperate man. Desperate to be paid attention to. Desperate for people not to notice that all he and his party stand for now is obstructionism, and extreme point of views not shared by intelligent Americans.

Watch as David Plouffe, Obama’s adviser (and a Delaware graduate like me!) calmly points out how out of touch and out of step Rove and his GOP buddies are. I was delighted by this clip: