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A kid with cancer plays catch with a big-leaguer, thanks to Twitter. The Muppets are coming back for a sequel! And a teacher gets an apology from a student

**Note: I wrote most of this blog before Game 7 of Rangers-Senators hockey, so it’s going to be more coherent than if I wrote it afterwards… But I am ecstatic that my Blueshirts pulled it out. 2-1, and I don’t think I breathed for the final 10 minutes. Hell of a series, very happy Rangers are moving on…

The strangeness and awesomeness of the Internet and the world we live in never ceases to amaze me.
Check this out: A Colorado Rockies pitcher named Jeremy Guthrie had an off-day recently, and was at Coors Field in Denver with no one to play catch with. He really wanted to get some throwing in, so he put this out on Twitter:
“Anybody on lunch break & up for a catch with me?” #

And then a 21-year-old kid named Woody Roseland, who spent 2 1/2 years going through cancer treatments and relapses, who has a prosthetic leg as well, answered Guthrie on Twitter. And a short time later, Woody Roseland was playing catch at Coors Field with a major league pitcher.

Totally sounds made up, but it’s true. Rick Reilly of ESPN.com tells the rest of the story here. Truly beautiful, and a heart-warming start to my Good News Friday.

**Can’t tell you how much I love the Muppets. Well, I’ve already told you several times on this blog that I love them. And I loved last year’s “Muppet Movie,” bringing our furry friends back from a far-too-long hiatus.

So it’s great news that Disney has announced a sequel. Apparently the 2011 movie made more than $140 million, so why not do it again?
I just hope they make the villain a little less “over the top” this time.

**Finally, this story really moved me. It’s a happy story in its resolution, but it takes a little while to get there. From Pulitzer Prize winner Tom Hallman Jr., it’s about a student and a teacher, reuniting after 39 years, with the student trying to apologize for what he had done.

Truly worth your time. It’s never too late to undo damage you’ve done to someone else.