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The Emmy Awards were pretty fantastic, with surprise winners and great speeches. A crazy Ole Miss touchdown. And NFL Week 2: Eagles and Giants look awful, Arizona and the Pats soar

jeffrey tambor emmys

I know I’m usually way off when it comes to consensus opinion on these things.

But I thought that was really a fabulous Emmy Awards Sunday night. New winners, surprise winners, excellence being rewarded most places, only a few major snubs that angered my wife and I (Jonathan Banks, you are SO worthy, and don’t even get me started again about “The Americans,” the best damn show on TV, getting totally shut out), some terrific jokes by Andy Samberg (much to my surprise), and some terrific acceptance speeches.

And though I’ve never been a big fan of his, that Tracy Morgan surprise appearance at the end was beautiful TV.

So much to get to, so little time for you to read my blog. Many quick-hit thoughts:

— Viola Davis, hands down, best speech. First-ever African-American woman to win best actress in a drama, and her acceptance was sweet, and also brutally honest.
“The only thing that separates women of color, from anyone else, is opportunity,” she said, to thunderous applause. From quoting Harriet Tubman to her gratitude at winning, Davis was fantastic.

— The dead people montage, always one of my favorites, was actually not filled with that many famous dead TV people. Good job staying alive, TV folks! Leonard Nimoy pretty much had to be “the hammer” at the end, not many other good candidates.

— While we’re on farewells, I loved the little tribute to shows that finished their run this year,  but what in the hell was the train-wreck “The Newsroom” doing in that montage? Show stunk and was cancelled after three seasons! That deserves a “farewell?” Please.

— I’m not a big Samberg fan, but he was pretty good as host. I liked his Donald Trump joke in the open, and his Bernie Sanders and Kim Davis quips were funny, too.


— Best-dressed? Thought Julia Louis-Dreyfus looked great, as did Marcia Gay Harden and the always-stunning Kerry Washington. Worst-dressed? The wife and I agree: It was Jamie Alexander (above). She looked like she was wearing a Lite-Brite, we agreed (children of the ’80s will get that joke.)

— Jeffrey Tambor (above) was a long-overdue first-time winner, and his speech was moving and beautiful.

— Wanted to see “Silicon Valley” or “Transparent” win best comedy, but I can’t argue with “Veep.” I only watch it occasionally but it’s brilliant and cruelly funny.

— Jon Hamm! Finally! Look, he wasn’t better than Bryan Cranston all those years Cranston won, but he’s a terrific actor and I’m happy he finally won.

–Was really rooting for “This Week Tonight with John Oliver” to win, but you can’t argue with “The Daily Show” triumphing on its way out the door. Loved Stewart’s quip about not hearing applause for six weeks he’s been off-air.

— Why do people keep giving Rob Lowe and John Stamos new TV shows? Was there some sort of vote among all TV-watchers that I missed?

— Finally, I thought Jimmy Kimmel killed with his bit about making up who the winner was.
Really entertaining show. And it finished in three hours!

**Next up, this has to be one of the craziest touchdowns  you’ll ever see. The fact that evil Nick Saban and Alabama were on the short end of it makes it even more enjoyable. Watch Ole Miss score just the way it was drawn up in practice…

Ole Miss ended up winning, which of course makes this play immediately legendary.

**Finally, thoughts on Week 2 in the NFL, on a rare enjoyable Sunday where I don’t have to agonize over the Jets (that comes tonight, on Monday Night Football, where my boys will likely get stomped at Indy.):

— The Giants. Man oh man, how brutal was that? I said on Twitter Sunday that there have been precious few days of my life where I was happy to be a Jets fan and not a Giants fan (Super Bowl wins in my lifetime: Guys in Blue 4, Guys in Green, 0, so yeah…), but Sunday was one of them.
Again New York was in control of the game, leading 20-10 over the Falcons in the 4th quarter. And once again Tom Coughlin’s team found a way to lose. Eli fumbled. The defense crumbled. And the Giants are 0-2, when even though that’s probably what they deserve to be, very easily could be 2-0.

–Meanwhile, the Cowboys are 2-0 and Tony Romo broke his collarbone and will be out eight weeks, and the Eagles look awful on offense. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2015 NFC East champs, the Washington Redskins!
OK, probably not. But it’s suddenly possible…

— Two best teams in the NFL through two weeks? How about Arizona and New England? Cardinals destroyed the Bears in all phases, and the Patriots beat the tar out of a Rex Ryan-coached team (geez, where have I seen that movie before?)

— Finally, can someone please explain to me what the heck has happened to the Detroit Lions? Weren’t they supposed to be good this year?
Oh yeah. They’re the Lions. Sorry, forget I asked.

Where’s the media outrage about the second St. Louis police killing? Kids hilariously quote political climate-change deniers. And the Cleveland Browns are for real, and other NFL thoughts


**Some Monday thoughts while contemplating the notion that the state of Mississippi is at the center of the college football world and the Kansas City Royals are the best team in baseball, and wondering what alternate universe I’ve wandered into…

One of the many valid criticisms of the American media that I spent a long time being a part of in my life is that the first incident of something controversial gets a huge amount of attention, and hours of television coverage and analysis, reams of newspaper ink and untold amount of Internet web hits.

Then, a few weeks later, a very similar incident happens … and almost no one cares. Everyone’s moved on, having used up their outrage, and no one seems to mind that the second victim is worth our attention just as much.

That’s what’s happened in St. Louis right now. The Michael Brown murder deservedly provoked anger and a furious response from African-Americans and whites alike, as a white police officer fired six bullets into an unarmed black teenager.
The police response to the ensuing protests was overblown and awful, and of course plenty of media attention was used on that.

Except now the Brown attention has died down and we had another awful St. Louis-area police shooting, you’re hearing very little about it.

Vonderrit Myers was an 18-year-old African-American killed last Wednesday by a 32-year-old off-duty police officer who was working a shift as a security guard. Myers walked out of a sandwich shop, and was shot at 17 times by the police officer.
The police say he had a gun. Witnesses, and Myers’ family, say he didn’t. There have been multiple versions of what happened told by the St. Louis police, as documented here, with details changing all the time.
And the security firm that employed the police officer in question has a history of being involved in police brutality cases.

And there are protests ongoing in St. Louis, people once again outraged… and the media coverage seems to be nowhere.

The New York Times is barely covering it, and CNN, MSNBC, etc. seem awfully preoccupied with Ebola and other matters right now.

And it’s a damn shame. Myers’ life was just as valuable as Michael Brown’s, and deserves just as much attention.

**And now, something a little more fun: little kids quoting some of our political leaders who don’t believe in climate change. Hilarious, and sad, because it really only takes a fourth-grader to understand that climate change is real.


**Finally, some thoughts on an NFL Sunday that surprised, enthralled, and of course, enraged if you’re a Jets fan:

— Gang Green actually didn’t play that badly Sunday in the loss to Denver; Geno Smith did OK, and the defense did a pretty decent job on Peyton Manning. But fumbles, mental mistakes, and an inability to get one final defensive stop did ’em in. So the Jets are 1-5, with a trip to the Pats on Thursday night looming. I’m sure that’ll be fun.

— No fan base had to be happier Sunday than Cleveland’s, and that’s just not a sentence you get to write very often. After 15 years of getting their butts kicked by the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns got a bit of revenge, destroying Pittsburgh 31-10. Only the second time since 2004 Cleveland beat the Steelers, and this Brian Hoyer kid looks pretty good, huh?

— Hell of a win for the Dallas Cowboys. Going into Seattle and winning is the hardest thing to do in the NFL these days. Cowboys are for real, and we all have to watch Jerry Jones gloat for a while. Also, heard a lot of Cowboys fans at the game making noise, how is that possible in Seattle?

Still, we all know Dallas is headed for 8-8 again like the last 3 years, so it’ll be fun watching them collapse.

— Bengals-Panthers was a hell of a game. No idea how Cincy can be a Super Bowl contender with such a leaky defense.

–And finally, if you watched Jacksonville vs. Tennessee, those are three hours of your life you’ll never get back. Yeesh.

The Jets dominate and survive as the NFL returns! Ireland’s wacky “Armagaydon”. And Serena cruises to another U.S. Open title


Football’s back!
Yeah yeah, I know college football started last week, but to me, the first Sunday of the NFL season is the real start of football season.
I love the first Sunday. I love seeing way more people in the sports bar than normal, because everybody’s fired up about their team, they’ve missed the sport, and they’re convinced their favorite team is going to win (hey, everyone’s undefeated at this point!).
I love trying to re-teach my brain how to watch 5 games at once. I love tricking myself into thinking the Jets will be good this year. And I really love the drunk moron in the bar (there’s always one) taunting other fans because he’s drunk and thinks he’s being funny.

Ah, football, I’ve missed you so. Some quick-hit thoughts from a pretty compelling week 1.
— I start with the Jets, of course. That was the most dominating five-point win you’ll see, since my boys shot themselves in the foot so many times the game wasn’t the blowout it should’ve been. Geno Smith looked mostly good (that’s different from mostly dead, right Miracle Max?) except for two killer turnovers, the running game looked fantastic, and the defense was stellar (albeit against a terrible team).

Jets will get creamed at Lambeau next week, I’m sure, but this was an encouraging start.

— It’s always a wonderful day when the Jets win and the Patriots lose. Boy that improved Pats’ D didn’t look so improved on Sunday.
— I’ve never NOT been entertained in recent years by a Saints-Falcons game. They play shootouts every single time. Matty Ryan was sensational on Sunday.

— Ah, Tony Romo, so good to have you back. My great friend Tony put it best about gunslingin’ No. 8, who threw three picks Sunday: “Tony Romo: the man with a Brett Favre mentality without Brett Favre ability.”

— Um, RGIII? What the hell happened to you? Man did the Redskins look awful. Poor RGIII hasn’t been the same since injuring his knee in that playoff game two years ago; he may never be the same again. Mike Shanahan, the blood of his career is on your hands.

— I know they lost, but man, Andrew Luck is some kind of terrific quarterback. Indy fans are so spoiled, getting Peyton and then him back-to-back.

– Did you see the clip of the Steelers player karate-kicking the Browns punter in the face? I mean, come on, that’s awful!

**Next up today, I thought this was very clever. Marriage-equality proponents in Ireland made this ad leading up to a vote for same-sex marriage, about what would “happen” if it were legalized. How do you deal with the “Armagayddon?” Hide all the women and children!


**Finally today, Serena Williams won a third straight U.S. Open title Sunday, routing Caroline Wozniacki, 6-3, 6-3. I’ve said the following on here several times but it’s worth saying again: I strongly dislike Serena as an athlete, for her comportment and lack of decency on the court (not just for screaming at linespeople when she foot-faults), and her arrogance and condescension off the court.

But I also admire the hell out of her career, and marvel at how when she’s playing well, like she did the past two weeks, she’s the best player women’s tennis has seen.
I would love to see her in her prime, up against Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova, because for the past decade, when Serena is at her best, she’s miles ahead of the rest. An incredible, one-of-a-kind athlete wbo simply cannot be matched.

As for the men’s final today, shoot, I have no freaking clue who’ll win. I’m still in shock that Djokovic and Federer were so easily dismissed in the semis on Saturday. Kei Nishikori is a rising star, and a Japanese player winning a Slam for the first time would be a great story. But Marin Cilic played out of his mind last week and on Saturday, he’s got a huge serve, and may just be unbeatable right now (I cannot believe I’m saying that about Marin Cilic.)

As disappointed as I am that my man Federer lost, I’m thrilled that men’s tennis has some new blood in a Slam final. I’ll say Nishikori wins in 4.

“Enough Said” a wonderful romantic comedy. A wildly exciting Sunday in the NFL. And Miley, funny on SNL


I hate that in the midst of so many Hollywood blockbusters bombarding us at the theater, with things blowing up out of the sky and a million chase scenes and $200 million budgets, that a sweet little movie that’s about such real-life characters gets lost in the shuffle.

My wife and I saw “Enough Said” over the weekend, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I wish it were doing better at the box office, but it’s spectacular and I highly suggest seeing it.

If you don’t know the movie’s premise, it’s this: Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, stellar as always) is a divorcee and a masseuse who’s feeling lost because her only child is getting ready to go away to college.

At a cocktail party she meets Albert (James Gandolfini, in one of his last roles before he died), also divorced, kind of a lovable schlub who’s also dealing with his daughter’s impending trip to college.

And for 90 minutes, we get to see these two getting to know each other, fall in love, have a falling out (I won’t spoil it, but I was pretty surprised at the plot twist), and deal with the aftermath.

The movie is funny, sweet, melancholy and perfectly acted, with Toni Collette (who’s good in everything, and in this flick gets to use her natural Australian accent!) and Catherine Keener rounding out a great cast.

This is the rare movie that I wish was longer; the writer, Nicole Holofcener, actually wrote a film’s dialogue that was achingly real.

Gandolfini was such a gifted actor, and it’s a shame we will remember him only as Tony Soprano, scary mobster, and not for roles like this one.

“Enough Said” was wonderful; if you don’t believe me, check out its 95 percent “fresh” rating on rottentomatoes.com.

If it’s playing near you, don’t miss it.


**Sunday in the NFL was a rare relaxing one for me, as the Jets don’t play until Monday night (my cousin Rob and I were lamenting how much we hate it when the Jets play night games; we get so worked up that it’s hard to sleep and get up for work the next day; doesn’t the NFL care?). It was a great slate of games, though, and I watched at least a part of almost all of ’em.
Some quick thoughts:

— Denver 51, Dallas 48. Nuts. Both defenses ought to be embarrassed, but maybe it was just a day of great offenses. Tony Romo, bless his heart, matched the incomparable Peyton Manning shot for shot, until the final two minutes when Tony Romo did what Tony Romo does, throw a killer interception. Still, what a fun game to watch.

— Indy-Seattle was also terrific; I am beyond jealous that Colts fans have gotten so spoiled with two great QBs the last 15 years; Andrew Luck is sensational.

— Never saw a touchdown like the first one in the Chiefs-Titans game; how the heck could you have seen that one coming?

— Always nice to see Tom Brady get humbled. Never thought the Bengals could hold Gisele’s husband to only six points, but in a driving rainstorm, they did it. Great stuff.
— Finally, the Philadelphia Eagles win their first game, lose the next three, then beat the winless Giants Sunday and at 2-3, are tied for first place. Crazy.

**Finally today, a little Miley Cyrus humor for you, from Miley herself. She hosted “Saturday Night Live” last weekend, and while I only watched a few clips, she did a pretty solid job.

Remember, the kid is 20 years old. She has no idea what she’s doing most of the time, she’s been famous for 15 years, and of course she’s going to make some screw-ups along the way.

This was the opening sketch from the show, with 2045 Miley talking to 2013 Miley about some of her recent choices.

Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast; I’ve got bread and water so I’m good. The Jets… oy. And Mitt, lying ever more brazenly

For the first time in my life, there’s a hurricane named after my mother.
But I’m pretty sure she’s never gone 75 miles per hour in her life (even when we were late for school in the car pool), like the winds that are going to whip through New York and up and down the East Coast Monday.
Man, this is going to be one hell of a storm. There’s been talk of nothing else all weekend here in my corner of the world. Bread and water and gasoline and you name it, all stocked up.

Personally, I’m feeling pretty safe. It’s not like I can really go anywhere in Manhattan Monday; the subway, the trains, all of it, shut down completely.

They’re calling it the biggest tropical cyclone in history, so this could be quite a bit worse than Irene last year, which was pretty bad for Connecticut and other parts.
Hurricanes used to seem fun as a kid; then I moved to North Carolina and saw how devastating they can be.

I hope if you’re reading this on the East Coast, that’s a good sign you’ve still got electricity. Stay safe, my friends. Just ride out and hopefully by Tuesday night, we’ll all be getting ready to eat lots of candy and try to figure out why everyone went as Taylor Swift or a vampire for Halloween.

Final hurricane thought: Can you imagine if this storm hit a week later, on Election Day? Mass chaos.

**Not much to say about the Jets’ pathetic showing on Sunday, which would’ve had to have improved by a lot to really be called “pathetic.” A couple short thoughts, since I got my venting out hours ago during the game.

— There’s really never going to be a time where Rex Ryan benches Mark Sanchez. If it didn’t happen Sunday (and I know it wasn’t all his fault, but he was bad), with a dull, lifeless team getting blown out at home by the Dolphins, it’s not going to happen at all.

— I’m not there yet, but almost to a point where I hope they lose the rest of their games so they can get a high draft pick and start over with a new QB. I don’t think owner Woody Johnson is going to fire Rex and GM Mike Tannenbaum yet, but man he ought to start thinking about it.

— I am so sick and tired of these unlikable Jets players and their attitude and their woofing. Freaking disgusts me how much a 3-5 team talks shit to the other team.

Other, happier NFL thoughts from Sunday…

— My poor soon-to-be father-in-law nearly had a stroke watching the Giants-Cowboys (I was there with him; I should’ve had a blood-pressure machine hooked up to him, at least). Giants go up 23-0 when Tony Romo did his best Mark Sanchez impression. Then the ‘Boys storm back to go up 24-23, only for th Giants to re-take the lead 29-24.

Followed by the Cowboys scoring on a quasi-Hail Mary with six seconds left… that was overturned by replay and ruled incomplete. What a nuts game, but the Giants always seem to win them.

 I know the Saints’ defense stinks, but anyone out there still have doubts about how good Peyton Manning is?
— Crazy finish to that Bears game. Carolina is coming up with new ways to lose every week.
— I think Andy Reid will finally be shown the door in Philly after this year. His team played a dog of a game Sunday (and yes, that’s a reference for you, Mr. Vick).


**Mitt Romney is getting more and more desperate. The election is only a week away, he’s going to lose this race, and so he and his team are just flinging more and more bullshit at the wall in the hopes that somehow, it will stick.

His latest complete fabrication? While talking to a group in Ohio, he said that Chrysler is closing down its Jeep plant in Toledo and moving all Jeep manufacturing to China.

Completely, 100 percent not true, as Chrysler pointed out in this blog post immediately after Romney said it.

It’s one thing to scare the hell out of voters about what “the other guy” will do. It’s another to basically tell thousands of Ohioans that they’re about to be fired.

Ah, the last desperate breaths of a desperate campaign.

The anti-choice movement tries to go even farther. A great Tony Romo joke. And THIS is how you do a political ad

I write about abortion quite a bit on this blog because A, I feel very passionately about this subject, and 2, because I cannot believe how far the anti-choice movement continues to go in the legal arena. Every time I think the zealots have gone as far as they can, they move the line a few more feet to the side of intolerance.

The latest blow comes in this New York Times article, which reveals that in Mississippi, Ohio, Florida and other states, a new “personhood” movement is afoot and gaining traction.
The most extreme of these laws on the ballot this year is in Mississippi, where all abortions, no matter the situation, would be banned since legally now, if this amendment passes, a fertilized human egg would be considered a legal person. Which means that any woman choosing to undergo an abortion would be committing murder, and she would be subject to criminal prosecution.

Absolutely, positively, 100 percent disgusting. And yet BOTH major party candidates for governor in that backwards-ass state have endorsed the amendment.
Can’t tell you how revolting this is. A woman who is raped and gets pregnant has an abortion, and then is arrested for the act and faces life in prison.
I know, I know, there’s no way that this kind of a law Mississippi is considering would hold up in court.
But once again, little by little, women’s rights continue to get trampled on. And the extreme right wing pushes the needle just a little farther toward insanity and intolerance.

**Speaking of pregnancy, this joke about Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys cracked me up. Those of you who follow the NFL will certainly appreciate it:

“Tony Romo’s wife is pregnant. I have no doubt he’ll be a great husband for the first two trimesters.”

**The other day I showed you a horrible Herman Cain ad. Now, for the other side of the coin, THIS is how you do a political ad. It’s for San Francisco mayor Ed Lee.

An awful Jets performance. A “Peanuts” anniversary. And my new favorite infomercial that’s unintentionally dirty

Awful. Hideous. Disgraceful. Embarrassing.
Ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 New York Jets.
The less I say about Sunday night’s 34-17 debacle against the Baltimore Ravens, the better.
Just want to say this: That offensive line is going to get Mark Sanchez killed.
And Sanchez continues to make WAY too many mistakes for a quarterback who’s started since his rookie year. This is year 3 now, Mark. Enough of this crap.
And the defense, as usual, started slower than a turtle in a 100-yard dash.  The Jets were in a big hole early and couldn’t recover.
The only good thing I can say about this game is that I’m actually glad it happened at night. Because I had a perfectly lovely Sunday (bagels in New York City for breakfast, etc) up until 8:30 when the game started. So this stinker of a performance didn’t ruin my whole day.

Jets are now 2-2. With a trip to Foxboro against the Patriots next Sunday. That’ll be fun!
More NFL thoughts for your Monday…

— Reason No. 4,534 I don’t gamble on the NFL: Raise your hand if you had the Redskins, Titans and 49ers all being 3-1 after four games.
— And the “Dream Team” Eagles being 1-3, and losing a game where Mike Vick throws for more than 400 yards.
— Tony Romo, Tony Romo, Tony Romo. You are truly setting a new standard for Jekyll and Hyde, my friend. Every week with the Cowboys quarterback, it’s a great play one minute, an awful one the next.
Sunday he led Dallas to a 27-3 lead over Detroit, an insurmountable edge, only to then throw two INT’s returned for touchdowns, as the Lions (who are 4-0, incredibly) came back for a 34-30 win.
Say this for Romo: He always makes things exciting.

–You know it’s a strange year so far when the Dolphins are 0-4 and I’ve barely noticed. The Fins are so awful, it’s almost not even fun hating them anymore. Ah, yeah, it still is fun. I hope they go 1-15 (I want them to beat New England next time they play)

**Sixty-one years ago Sunday, a man named Charles Schulz had his new comic strip “Peanuts” published for the first time.
Maybe the greatest comic strip ever. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know about Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the words “Good Grief?”
On the anniversary, I salute you, Linus and the gang.

**OK, I don’t think it’s just me here. This could be the dirtiest infomercial of all time. Seriously, they had to have realized how this was going to look. Is it possible that the makers of Flex Factor are in on the joke?

The Jets in midseason heart-attack inducing form. A beautiful 9/11 front page. And Serena acts disgracefully in defeat, again.

Yep, just another boring Jets win to start the 2011 season.
I thought last year they caused permanent damage to my ticker. But apparently my beloved Green and White are prepared to once again send me to an early grave.
Sunday night they played so poorly for three quarters against the Dallas Cowboys, falling behind 24-10, only to rally and win, 27-24, on a 50-yard field goal from Nick Folk with less than a minute left.
So many thoughts sprinting through my mind as I write this, 20 minutes after the game ended.
I’ll try to keep them brief:
—  Incredible ability of Mark Sanchez to shake off bad plays and mistakes and play well. Kid was terrific at the end, again, Sunday night.
— Joe McKnight, welcome to the Jets. That blocked punt that led to a TD that tied the game at 24 was phenomenal. What an athletic play for the second-year guy.
— Jets defense looked terrible at times, but you know what, they made a few big plays. None bigger than Darrelle Revis’ pick of Tony Romo in the last minute. No idea what Jessica Simpson’s ex was thinking on that throw.
— 1-0. Fifteen more to go for an undefeated season (ha).

Couple other quick NFL thoughts from Sunday:
— When’s the last time the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions both looked this good to start a season? Bills were shockingly good, but maybe the Chiefs are just that bad.
— The Colts without Manning … oy. Long, long season for Indy.
— Stunned at how easily the Ravens slapped around the Steelers. Those two teams always play 16-13 type games. Enjoyed seeing former Delaware Blue Hen Joe Flacco do so well.
— If Week 1 is any indication, should be another crazy, unpredictable NFL season. Awesome.


** Saw a bit of the 9/11 tribute stuff Sunday. But this maybe the best thing I saw. It was the front page of the Des Moines Register newspaper, in Des Moines, Iowa. Just beautiful.

**That’s twice in a row now at the U.S. Open.
The last two times Serena Williams has been at the final Grand Slam of the tennis year, she’s acted inexcusably, indefensibly awful.
Sunday’s outburst and behavior wasn’t as bad as this incident from two years ago, when Serena threatened to shove a tennis ball down a lineswoman’s throat, but in losing again to Samantha Stosur, 6-2, 6-3, Williams managed to disgrace herself yet again.
After being called (properly) for a hindrance violation (Serena shouted out after hitting a shot she thought was a winner before Stosur had a chance to hit a reply,) Serena berated the chair umpire for the next few minutes, saying at one point “You’re a hater and you’re unattractive inside … And I never complain. Wow. What a loser.”
She also told the woman “don’t even look at me.”
It is disgusting that Serena Williams acts like this. It’s even more disgusting that John McEnroe and Dick Enberg in the CBS booth defended her (Mary Carillo tried to criticize her a little, commendably).
In the post-match interview with the media, Serena seemed clueless and completely unapologetic about what she had done.
I’m glad she lost. Serena is one of the all-time greats in tennis history, and has added so much to the sport.
But she is an out and out bully. And thinks she’s above the rules. And so I’m glad she lost.
Just disgraceful.