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Good News Friday: Kansas City police give out $100 bills thanks to Secret Santa. A waitress gets the “best shift ever.” And Toys ‘R’ Us customers get their remaining bill wiped out

So much going in the world these days that’s bad, it’s nice to stop and acknowledge good things today.

Like the final episode of the Serial podcast, which was awesome (no spoilers). Like the fact that finally, after decades of a failed policy, the U.S. is letting Cuba back into the world. Like this great story I read Thursday by The MMQB’s Emily Kaplan, about a man named Danny Watkins who quit the NFL because he really wanted to be a firefighter.

And these three pieces of media, which delighted me this week. Happy Holidays to one and all…

First up, I write about this wonderful humanitarian every year at this time, because CBS Sunday Morning does a story on him each year. An anonymous millionaire in the Midwest goes around the country every December handing out $100 bills to random strangers, people who look to be in need.

This year, he did things a little differently. He enlisted members of the Kansas City, Mo. police department to be his elves, and had them pull over cars that looked to be damaged or in need of repair.
Then, after pulling them over, they gave the unsuspecting strangers the $100. Their reactions are priceless…

**Next up, this made me really happy, because I know how crappy restaurant waiters and waitresses get treated. The people at Break.com decided to give a very deserving server named Chelsea the “Best Shift Ever,” with a $1,000 tip, a new car, and so much more.

Watch and feel the love…


**And finally, more examples of the holiday spirit making people do nice things: Last week a woman walked into a Toys ‘R’ Us store in Bellingham, Mass., and told the manager she wanted to pay off every layaway account the store had, anonymously.

It cost the benefactor $20,000, but it sure made a whole of people have a much happier holiday season.