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Good News Friday: Paul Stanley and KISS decide to feed government workers not getting paid. Angelica comes back to “America’s Got Talent” and is amazing again. And more reasons to love P.K. Subban: He helps a kid taunted by racists

And a Happy Friday to all my readers, as we wait for the most ridiculous government shutdown of my lifetime (and most of them have been ridiculous, but this one takes the cake) drags on for yet another week, as Obi-Wan Pelosi (I stole that from someone on Twitter) and the Man-Baby in Chief continue to spar and hundreds of thousands of government workers again go without paychecks.

Honestly, I could rant for 45 minutes about how furious I am about this shutdown, all due to the massive, Saturn-sized ego of our President, but it’s Good News Friday and I don’t want to get riled up. (Although I do urge you to check out Sen. Michael Bennett of Colorado’s rant from the Senate floor on Thursday, here.)

But speaking of the government shutdown, there are lots of good folks trying to do what they can to help those in need.

And, while not the humanitarians I would normally think of first, it’s the members of rock band KISS who I want to, well, blow kisses at this week. It seems Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, the two frontmen for the legendary group, own a chain of restaurants nationwide called Rock and Brews. And the duo have said that for the duration of the shutdown, they will feed any and all TSA workers for free (the restaurants are mostly in California or Florida and many are in airports; here’s a link to all their locations.)

“We are proud to operate restaurants at airports and respect the diligent, hard work of each and every TSA employee to ensure the safety of travelers,” said Simmons and Stanley in a joint statement. “They touch our lives daily, and as long as they are working without pay, the least we can do is provide them with a delicious meal to show our support.”

Very cool move, fellas. Now please, get back to rock and rollin’ all night, and partying every day.

**Next up today, you may remember I was seriously smitten with young amazing singer Angelica Hale from “America’s Got Talent” season in 2017. She came in second that year (to the equally-amazing child ventriloquist Darci Lynne) but Angelica was invited back to AGT’s “Champions” season currently going on.

Well, Angelica is a little more grown up but still incredible. Check out her performance of “Fight Song” from this past week’s show; what a sensational voice and talent she is. Just makes you feel good to hear her.

**And finally today, I love any chance I can get to highlight the awesome deeds of Nashville Predators hockey star P.K. Subban, and fortunately for me, he keeps doing great stuff worthy of praise.

A few months ago Subban heard about a young African-American hockey player in Michigan named Ty Cornett, who disgustingly has been subject to racist taunts this year while playing in youth leagues. (The taunts really are horrendous; you can read some of them here.)

Subban decided to offer Ty some support, in the form of this fabulous 43-second video, before a recent NHL game.

You go, P.K. Tremendous job. I hope he stays in touch with this kid, and Corbett makes the pros one day, shutting up those disgusting racists who tormented him.
I love this quote from Ty at the end of the story:

Through it all, Ty’s love of hockey hasn’t lessened. There was a time late last year when Matthew, distraught over the treatment of his son, thought Ty should consider taking a break.

“Why would I ever stop playing hockey?” Ty told him. “I love it. They’re the ones with the problems, not me.”

Exactly, son. Exactly.