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Good News Friday: Civil rights legend John Lewis and a little boy share a special moment. Beto O’Rourke with the best NFL anthem answer ever. And a 95-year-old helps a 4-year-old learn to jump

And a Happy Friday to all of you out there who are either already complaining about the heat or complaining summer’s over (can’t have it both ways, right?) I am of course euphoric to spend another day at U.S. Open qualifying Friday; truly one of the most dramatic days in sports because as I’ve written before, qualifying for the Open brings with it at least a $50,000 payday, which for players on the lower levels is enormous.

But no tennis in Good News Friday today; lots of other good stuff though. I very rarely have a “theme” to GNF, but it just so happens that two of my three items this week involve very young people and older people, teaming up to make a difference.

First up, I cannot praise civil rights legend, Congressman John Lewis enough, and any worries that his legacy will soon be forgotten by younger people is assuaged by scenes like this.

Meet 10-year-old Tybre Faw, who traveled seven hours from Tennessee to see his hero, Lewis, in Selma, Ala. at the anniversary of the Edmund Pettis Bridge march.

They share a beautiful moment toward the end of this video. Watch, and realize that young people sometimes really do get it.

**Next up, I think I’ve written before about Beto O’Rourke, the surprisingly strong challenger to Satan Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race. Beto is canvassing all of Texas in a truck, he’s got outstanding political skills, and is a real threat to be the first Texas Senator who’s a Democrat in more than two decades.

If you’re wondering how he’s doing it, just watch this phenomenal, heartfelt answer to a question at a recent public event. The voter wanted to know where Beto stood on the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem issue. And O’Rourke, calmly, rationally gave a fantastic response.

This guy might be President one day.

**Finally today, Steve Hartman from CBS Evening News with another splendid little piece, about a 4-year-old boy too scared to jump off the diving board, and a 95-year-old war veteran who gave him the courage to hit the water, after all.

Just beautiful.