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The Muppets hit SNL, and soon a movie theater! A disgusting abuse of police power at UC-Davis. And “Sexiest Man Alive” confuses me.

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Yeah, I’m pretty damn excited about the new Muppets movie. More than excited; downright giddy.
Love the Muppets. Always have, always will. My favorite? Sometimes it’s Kermit, usually it’s Fozzie, and in the right moment, it has even been Animal.
I have been very impressed by how much the studio, Disney, has been promoting the movie, and all the trailers look really good, too. (Of course, I already love the Muppets and will see the movie regardless, so I’m probably not the target audience.)
Anyway, the film comes out this week and with star Jason Segel hosting “Saturday Night Live” last weekend, well, this happened. And it was awesome.

**There is a moment in every protest movement that galvanizes a country. I’m not so sure America is able to be moved in one direction anymore. But if we are, well, this ought to do it. At the University of California-Davis last Friday, police pepper sprayed a non-violent student demonstration. Watch as an officer of the law named John Pike calmly sprays dozens of students (11 were treated for injuries, and two went to the hospital) for absolutely no reason. There was no violence, Officer Pike was in no danger, and yet he casually decides to injure protesters who are sitting on the ground.

Disgusting and disgraceful doesn’t even begin to cover it. (Andrew Sullivan has a typically terrific take here.) This kind of behavior, this kind of police brutality, should not happen her in the United States of America. And yet it does. And watch how quickly people forget about this incident, and gloss it over.Please don’t.
Watch this video, and take a look at America.

**Finally, I am once again puzzled while standing in a supermarket checkout line. I see People has named Bradley Cooper the “Sexiest Man Alive. ” First, congrats, Bradley.
But I now am filled with questions. First of all, did all the previous winners die? Or have they been hideously disfigured in some kind of accident? Because I’d like to know what caused them to lose their title. If I’m Ben Affleck or Hugh Jackman (past winners), I’d like to know what’s made me less sexy.

Then I got to wondering about how “Sexiest Man Alive” is chosen. Is there criteria? A secret formula (even more secret than the Coke formula?) Do judges sit around in a conference room for hours, debating the hotness of Colin Farrell vs. Paul Rudd? Are there scores kept? Does it get violent, with one judge arguing for her man and another disagreeing?

These are the things I wonder about.