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Fantastic news as NYC to offer 3-year-olds pre-K. The Penguins fan who was stabbed with a screwdriver, then watched rest of game. And why proofreading really is important

There are very, very, very few things people on both sides of the political aisle can agree on these days.

I mean, let’s see, there’s fixing Americas roads and bridges, ISIS is bad, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are good… and that’s about it.

But early childhood education is also on that list. Every study you see, every chart, every piece of data you can look at says that the sooner you get children into a structured and healthy learning environment, the better their longterm prospects of success are. Education is the answer, the “silver bullet” to so many problems, including endless cycles of poverty, crime, etc.

So everybody agrees on this, but still, early childhood education isn’t a huge priority in many states. Universal Pre-K, though, is very big where I live in New York City, which is why I was so pleased to hear our mayor, Bill de Blasio, announce Monday that the city will expand Universal Pre-K to 3-year-olds over the next few years.

As many as 62,000 children will be able to take advantage of this. Yes, it’s going to cost a lot of money, and no, it won’t solve all the world’s problems.

But man… it could really help so many kids. Thrilled to see NYC (and even some red states like Oklahoma, Georgia and West Va.) endorsing universal Pre-K.

**Next up today, from the “boy, proofreading isn’t what it used to be” department. This newspaper in Manitoba, Canada was trying to headline a story about ex-NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez allegedly hanging himself in prison.

And, well, they got most of it right…

Ooof. That’s pretty bad. Do you think Keith was so upset that his brilliant acting job on “Seinfeld” didn’t lead to better stuff than Just for Men ads?

I feel for the copy-editor who got yelled at the next morning over that one. I’ve been that guy, and it’s no fun.
But for the rest of us, it’s pretty hilarious.

**Finally today, you know I’m deep in the thrall of the awesomeness of the Stanley Cup playoffs, as my New York Rangers face off against Ottawa starting Thursday.

But as crazy as Rangers fans are, gotta hand it to one particular Pittsburgh fan for being the craziest die-hard I’ve seen this year. Apparently during Game 1 of the Pens-Blue Jackets first-round series, a body shop owner was stabbed in the head with a screwdriver by an irate customer, but the owner refused to go to the hospital to treat his gaping head wound until the game was over.

The unidentified fellow sat with a bleeding head from a screwdriver stab for more than a hour, then drove himself to the emergency room.

Didn’t anyone ever tell this poor guy that paramedics have smartphones, and probably could’ve given him the game updates in the hospital?

What a fan. I hope he’s OK. And that the Penguins give him great seats for Round 2. (Note to self: don’t EVER go a google image search for “stabbed with screwdriver” late at night. Damn, that was some scary stuff I just saw.)