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The social media Masters degree is a real thing. Want a ticket to a game? You have to date a man’s stepdaughter. And a pretty awesome new Chipotle ad


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by something like this in 2013, but I still was.
At the University of Florida this academic year, you’ve been able to get a Masters Degree in Social Media.

That’s right; not only can you waste hours and hours of your life on Twitter and Facebook (hell, I know that I do), but now you can actually get a bona fide Master degree in it. 

Among my many initial questions: Is your thesis only allowed to be 140 characters (and man, wouldn’t those be easy to grade?) Does the professor simply grade not with numbers or letters, but either a “like” or “dislike” on your exams? And if the professor really is enthusiastic about your work, can they choose to “follow” you in your other classes?

This seems ridiculous, but it’s legit. The website Buzzfeed.com heard about this program and interviewed a student in it, Bythe Duckworth, who explains a little bit more about the Masters degree she’s getting here.

**Next up, it seems to be a really great week for commercials. Yesterday I wrote about that fantastic new True commercial where a man is rewarded for all his good deeds.

Now, I’ve only been to Chipotle two or three times in my life (Mexican food and my stomach have had a war going on for decades), but a wonderful commercial like this makes me want to eat there immediately.
Just gorgeously shot, with great music, too.


**Finally today, this story cracked me up and slightly disturbed me at the same time. A man named Gary Yates is a longtime University of Tennessee football fan who lives in Denver, and had bought four tickets to this week’s big UT-Florida game.
Yates and his wife Brenda were planning on going to the game with Yates’ 27-year-old stepdaughter Jessica and her boyfriend.
But the fella bailed at the last minute, and so instead of trying to sell the ticket the normal way, Yates put up an ad on Craigslist offering a free ticket to a nice gentleman who’d be a suitable date for Jessica.

Here’s some words from the ad (above):

 Free ticket for the Tennessee-Florida Football game this Saturday (cost to me, $150) on the 40 for the right gentleman. You must be an attractive, professional, single well educated gentleman, with a good sense of humor, 25-33. You also must not be threatened by an attractive, professional, single well educated lady, (as she is). If you do not qualify, please pass this ad to a friend.

The fine print: I lied! (Sorry…not totally free). Your cost will be a modest dinner, drinks and delightful conversation with her before or after the game.

P.S. (Being a Tennessee Vols fan is not required but is highly desirable)

Only those that respond with pictures and resume will be considered! Be creative!

I have a feeling Jessica is mortified yet intrigued at her stepfather’s ad. Still, you have to give him points for trying to help her meet a nice man.
And if some dude answers the ad, is accepted by Yates, and ends up marrying into the family, man, what a story they’ll have to tell the grandkids one day.