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I can’t ignore Trump’s disgusting remark about the media over the weekend. Remembering the late Jerry Lewis on Labor Day. And a blind football player gets the moment of a lifetime

It’s happened again. It keeps happening.

I tell myself to ignore the self-righteous sexist bigot in the Oval Office. I really try hard to just let what he says brush off my shoulder. I was having a such nice weekend, watching incredible tennis at the U.S. Open, most incredible being that a 5-foot-7 Jewish guy from Argentina has somehow made the quarterfinals (Diego Schwartzman, you complete me. And also I’m just about as tall as you), and then Sunday morning I came across this, from the leader of our country.

It’s Donald Trump, in Texas, talking in front of some Coast Guard rescuers. Just watch the first 30 seconds, please

I watched that and I was fuming. I’m still fuming. “Winds the media won’t go into, unless it’s a good story?”

There are so, so, SO many things offensive about that statement, and yes to steal from Dennis Miller, I am about to go on a rant here.

Journalists risk their lives EVERY DAY doing their jobs. Journalists go into war zones, they go into tornadoes and hurricanes and 75 other kinds of danger, danger that this privileged asshole with all his war deferments and excuses and having other people do his work wouldn’t know about.

“The media,” the people this man so disparages, actual, real reporters, have 5,000 times more courage than this buffoon. Reporters do incredible work under awful circumstances, and they pay for it with their lives.

Check out this list of reporters who’ve been killed while doing their jobs, in this year alone (44 so far).

These people, not you, you arrogant orange jerk, do dangerous things and go dangerous places to inform the public, their readers and viewers.

Oh and by the way, Donnie, the media WERE WITH the Coast Guard reporting on what they were doing. The media has been getting word out about trapped victims in Houston and surrounding areas, telling stories that need to be told, while you just fly in for a minute and say incredibly stupid shit like “They’re so happy, the people in the shelters, it’s beautiful.”

God he pisses me off, and yeah I’m taking it personally because journalism was my life and passion for many years and I know how many risks reporters take to get the truth out there.

OK, rant over. What an absolute disgrace he is.

**Next up today, it’s Labor Day, and as usual it’s got me thinking of school starting soon (not for me, but for my little guy, his first day of school ever is in a week!), autumn coming, but most of all, Jerry Lewis and his telethon. Jerry Lewis, of course, just died a few weeks ago, and what an amazing life he led.

He was a comedian, an actor, a philanthropist, and a tireless advocate for muscular dystrophy research with his annual Labor Day telethons.

Lewis was most famous, of course, for his comedic partnership with Dean Martin in the 1950s and ’60s. I know sometimes in this space on Labor Day I’ve posted something from the telethon, but today, a classic Martin and Lewis bit, just because it made me laugh and it’s from 1951 and it still holds up.


**And finally, college football came back this weekend and of all the scores and games that may have crossed your mind, there was one extra point in the USC game that may have been the best thing that happened.

Meet Jake Olson. He’s a long-snapper for Southern Cal, and he’s blind. Born with retinoblastoma, a cancer of the retina, Olson’s left eye was removed when he was a baby. By age 12, he knew he would also lose his right eye.

But he’s been a part of the Trojans’ program for a long time, two years in fact, and has been practicing snapping constantly. So in the fourth quarter of their win over Western Michigan, Olson got a chance to play.

Perfect snap. Mobbed by his teammates. Sometimes sports are pretty powerful.

The Jets remember that they stink, and other NFL thoughts. An evil woman at a baseball game steals a ball. And Lane Kiffin, good riddance

jets-titans-football (1)

*”Homeland” is back! Very pumped up that my favorite show, by far, currently on TV has returned for the fall season. I watched the season premiere last night, but just like I did last season, I will do my weekly “Homeland” analysis/thoughts and stuff on Tuesdays, to give my fellow show fanatics a chance to watch it without risk of spoilers. All I’ll say today is that Sunday night’s episode was very, very interesting with many unexpected twists…

Yeah, so this is what life is like when your football team has a rookie quarterback.
One week, he plays awesome, and you think “Finally, a franchise signal-caller to build around.”

Then the next week he looks like a JV quarterback for a bad high school program, and you wonder if this guy really is the answer, or just another in a long line of failures.

That’s what the last two weeks were like for the Jets and Geno Smith. A week after playing pretty terrific against Buffalo, he was beyond awful against the Titans Sunday.
The Jets got walloped, 38-13, and it was mostly Geno’s fault. He committed four turnovers, should’ve gotten sacked for a safety, and just made stupid mistake after stupid mistake (the “switching hands with the ball behind your back while getting sacked” is a move not even Penn and Teller would try).
Smith’s teammates were of little help; the offensive line caved in like a terrified witness in a Mafia trial, the defense didn’t do much pressuring of Tennessee’s QB, Jake Locker, and the special teams weren’t any good.
But mostly, this loss is on Geno. Just one you’ve got to suck up and attribute to growing pains.

Couple quick-hit NFL thoughts from Sunday:
— How ’bout those Cleveland Browns? Two straight wins since trading their best player, including an impressive job in beating Cincinnati on Sunday. Good for them.
— Stick a fork in the Giants. Another miserable offensive performance by Eli Manning and friends.
— Seattle really stole one in Houston, coming back from 20-6 down to win in OT. Seahawks might be the best team in the NFL.
— Finally, is there a more exciting team to watch than Detroit? They always score a bunch of points, and always give up a bunch. They give you more thrills, both ways, than anybody else. Love watching the Lions. And they might even be good this year!

**Sometimes the headline of a YouTube video really does tell the whole story. The headline here: “Evil Woman Steals Ball from Little Girl.”

And you have to love the yutz who high-fives her for her “accomplishment” right after she does it. Awful.


**So Lane Kiffin, a scumbag who stands out as a scumbag even among the moral morass that is big-time college football coaching, was fired by USC Saturday night, after they got beat by Arizona State.

Kiffin, if you know him at all, is known for being the most obnoxious, self-serving, pompous coach in all of the land. He burned all kinds of bridges in Oakland as coach of the Raiders, he cheated and angered everyone in the state of Tennessee while head coach at UT, and then has acted like himself again at USC, alienating the media, fans and players alike.

But even when you’re talking about Kiffin, who deserves everything bad that happens to him, how he was fired was pretty cruel.
The USC athletics director pulled him off the team bus as it was headed back from airport in L.A., and fired him. Then the AD, Pat Haden, wouldn’t let Kiffin back on the bus back to campus, telling the bus to go on without Kiffin.

That’s cold. Well-deserved, but cold.