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The Jets hit rock bottom, and no that’s not the first time I’ve ever said that. A tribute to Veterans on Veteran’s Day. And my friend Jeff helps bring down a repugnant California congressman, proving one person can make a difference

As a Jets fan, you get used to misery.
It comes with the territory, like watching other teams celebrate, always having January weekends free from stress, and the sinking feeling that no matter what happens in the world, the Jets will always break your heart.

So it takes a lot, I mean A LOT, for Jets fans to truly feel like rock bottom has been hit. It’s been hit a bunch of times in my 37 years of fandom, with maybe the lowest of the lowest being the Rich Kotite era, that glorious stretch of the 1995-96 when the team won four games and lost, I believe, 324.

Anyway, back to the present. Look, we Jets fans knew this year was going to be a struggle, breaking in a rookie QB, with lots of young players on defense, not a lot of offensive playmakers (OK, zero offensive playmakers). But it’s been even worse than we could’ve thought, all leading to Sunday’s pathetic, miserable, disgusting, execrable 41-10 loss to the previously-hapless Buffalo Bills.

The Buffalo Bills! A team starting a quarterback, Matt Barkley, who hadn’t played in a game in almost two years!

The Bills destroyed the Jets every which way you can, and I’m thrilled that I didn’t watch any of it.

But one thing is certainly clear: The Jets need to fire head coach Todd Bowles. And soon. Like, today. The team is going backwards, he’s shown no ability whatsoever when it comes to game management, timeouts, when to be daring and when not to, and he seems to inspire zero effort or hustle among his team.

He’s had four years, and the team is awful. Fire the man and put us all out of our misery. So maybe soon we can inch our way up from rock bottom.

Sigh. Not easy being a Jets fan.

Some more quick-hit NFL thoughts from Sunday…

— Well, I think it’s fair to say there might now be three teams who are head and shoulders above the rest of the league. All year it has seemed like the Chiefs and Rams were playing on a different plane, but the Saints sure seem like they belong up there now. They destroyed a good Bengals team on the road, 51-14, and man is Drew Brees playing amazing. New Orleans is 8-1 and looking unstoppable.

— Remember a few months ago when everyone thought the Jaguars were good? They stink. Lost their fifth straight, now are 3-6, and look to be going back to the basement where they were for most of the past decade.

–Ladies and gentlemen, the Cleveland Browns! They’ve now won THREE games this year! Baker Mayfield and Co. beat up Atlanta, 28-16, and well, I just can’t believe the Browns have won three whole games. In the same season.

— Finally, the Patriots got their asses kicked Sunday in Tennessee and since you don’t get to say that that often, I just thought I’d point that out. It made me happy.

**Next up today, it is of course Veteran’s Day, a time to honor all of our amazing, heroic servicemen and women who have helped keep our country safe. Gotta say, I thought this response from “SNL” and Pete Davidson after his tasteless, awful joke about Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw, a war veteran, last week was handled perfectly this week, with an apology and a hilarious appearance by Crenshaw himself. Check it out here.

But of course the real heroes of Veteran’s Day deserve to be saluted; I ran the video above a few years ago in this space and it seemed like a good time to run it again, to thank those who served and sacrificed so much.

**Finally today, a few words about a pretty stunning election result in Southern California, and my good friend’s small part in it. A couple of years ago, in the wake of Trump’s election, my man Jeff Pearlman, as good a friend as I’ll ever have, decided he wanted to get involved, somehow, someway, to help affect American politics.

So as all politics is local, he looked at his Congressman in his Southern California district, the 48th, and saw Dana Rohrabacher. A 15-term incumbent, Rohrabacher was an entranched California GOP politician who didn’t pass much legislation, seemed to spend more time on TV than anywhere else, and had lots of ties to Donald Trump and Russia.

So Jeff decided he would help defeat Rohrabacher. He started a website, crazydana.com, which quickly grabbed attention from the media, and he put in the hard work, getting to know the candidates running to get the Democratic nomination, spreading awareness of all of Rohrabacher’s conflicts of interest and bizarre lack of interest in the job. He went to the conventions, put in the hours, and what do ya know, last Tuesday Rohrabacher’s 30-year Congressional career ended in defeat, to Harley Rouda.

It was beautiful to see. Jeff wrote a really smart blog post about the whole experience, definitely one I recommend checking out.

One person can make a huge difference; don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. Don’t just sit and complain about our government; do something about it.

Another miserable football Sunday. A car-meets-cow story makes me chuckle. And honoring the Vets today, and every day

It’s not too often that both New York football teams get spanked and embarrassed on the same day.
The difference is, Giants fans probably aren’t too worried about their team’s 31-13 defeat to the Bengals; the Giants go through this November swoon every year, and hey, they’ve won two Super Bowls in the last five years so they can’t be complaining about anything, ever, in my book.

The Jets, though… jesus that was ugly on Sunday. You would think, after 30 years of this, I’d become numb to losses like this; hell, this season has seen plenty of games like Sunday’s desultory 28-7 defeat to Seattle: Defense plays pretty well, keeps ’em in it, but offense is so horrendous that it can’t score even once, and eventually defense falls apart.

I’m sick and tired of complaining about Mark Sanchez, I really am. Because the story never changes: He makes terrible decisions. He fumbles while getting hit more than any quarterback I’ve ever seen. He has a lot of problems throwing the ball where his receivers can catch it.

I don’t know why we fans see all of these problems and yet Rex Ryan is a blind man in a cornfield here. And I also don’t get why so much of the football media says “Well, if you bench Sanchez for Tim Tebow, there’s no going back. Sanchez is ruined forever for the Jets.”

First of all, that’s b.s., quarterbacks have gotten benched and returned all the time! And second, what the hell are you ruining right now in the future? he’s not the answer for next year, or ever! Bench him, throw God’s quarterback in there, and see what the heck happens.

But nope, there’s nothing quite so stubborn as a stubborn-ass football coach. And so we Jets fans get seven more weeks of awful offense.


Couple other quick-hit NFL thoughts today:
— Wasn’t at my usual sports bar perch Sunday so I missed the Falcons-Saints game, but man, looks like it was a hell of a tilt. Not surprised to see the Saints come back to life this year; no matter how bad their defense is, they still have Drew Brees.
— You would think these showboating idiot NFL players would learn not to throw the ball away on a TD return before crossing the goal line, but nope, Denver’s Trindon Holliday did just such a stupid thing Sunday. He got away with it because the refs missed the call, but what a stupid move.
— Any particular reason Norv Turner hasn’t been fired yet? Because he’s like three years overdue.

— Maybe we all were wrong about Cam Newton and his awesomeness last year. Man does he look lost out there.
— I know it’s unlikely still, but how great would an Andrew Luck vs. Peyton Manning playoff duel in the AFC be?

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**There are some things I miss about living in a sleepy town in upstate New York (Glens Falls), and stories like this are one of them. My great friend Will Springstead sent it to me, and as soon as I saw the headline, I was hooked:

“Police officer escapes injury during collision with cow”

The rest of the story is here, with my favorite part being:  “Murphy said the Dodge Charger patrol car may have to be totalled, but insurance or the cow’s owner should cover the cost.”

Well sure, everyone’s got cow insurance, don’t they?

**Finally today, a salute to America’s veterans on the day we honor them most. I am exceedingly lucky to have been born in a generation where I was never required to perform military service, so I’ve never had to put my life on the line like so many millions have.

All I can do is thank them for their bravery and heroism, and be grateful they’ve done what they’ve done for the last 200 years.

Check out the video montage above; I think it’s a beautiful reminder of all who have served.

A pathetic effort by the Jets, and more NFL thoughts. A quick restaurant pet peeve. And an awesome Veteran’s Day idea

Too depressed to rant much about Jets right now.
With so much on the line Sunday night (first place in the AFC East, a chance to finally get a shot to host some playoff games), my beloved Green and White came out and played an absolute stinker of a game. Pathetic. Fumbles on special teams. Defensive breakdowns. More terrible decisions by Mark Sanchez, who continues to, um, not show improvement midway through his third season.

And once again, the defense, when the offense finally wakes up and cuts the deficit to 23-16 in the fourth quarter, and the crowd comes alive again, the defense couldn’t get it done. Seen that movie before.
Dammit, dammit, dammit. Another huge opportunity blown. Why do I even bother rooting for this team? Thirty-five years of this garbage and I still come back for more.
Some quick-hit NFL thoughts on games that didn’t annoy me as much…
— Wow, Atlanta coach (and Father Lopez High School grad) Mike Smith is going to get heat, and rightfully so, for going for it on 4th and 1 on his own 30 in OT Sunday. Falcons didn’t get it, and New Orleans won. Just way too aggressive of a decision by Smith.
—  The Colts are going 0-16. I feel very confident in saying that.
— Hell of a win for the Steelers. Bengals looked good for a while but then their rookie QB pulled a Sanchez.
— If it’s 49ers-Packers in the NFC title game this year, can we get Brett Favre and Steve Young to come back and play? They had some classics in the 90s.
— Um, yeah, about those Detroit Lions who we all felt great about at 5-0… not cool.
— Finally, this was kinda cool. A Buffalo Bills played named David Nelson scored a TD Sunday, then ran the ball over to his girlfriend, who’s a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

**So I need to get this off my chest. Has bothered me for quite a long time. I’m in a sports bar Sunday afternoon, watching football, and this couple sitting at the next table is ordering brunch.
The guy (who I would discover over the next few hours is a doofus) is ordering an omelette. But he then proceeds to spend the next 30 seconds saying he doesn’t want this in it, he wants that, and I don’t want that, but I want this, and basically makes four or five changes.
Then after 20 minutes he calls the waitress over and asks where the food is already. And she politely explains that since he ordered something that was not on the menu, it’s taking a little longer.

I don’t get it. I don’t get why people walk into restaurants and proceed to completely ignore the menu, the LIST OF EVERYTHING the restaurant serves, and tell the waitress to make them something different.

If you look at the entire menu and don’t find anything you want, then go to a different bar! Now look, I understand if you have dietary issues, health issues, and you need to substitute one thing here, or hold another. But this guy basically created his own dish entirely, and then was mad when it wasn’t ready fast enough.


**Finally, there was an incredibly cool event Friday night in San Diego. On the aircraft carrier the USS Vinson, North Carolina and Michigan State played an outdoor basketball game on Veterans Day. My girlfriend’s friend Joanna was there live and took this awesome photo.

What a wonderful idea, to play an outdoor game like this. I hope it becomes an annual event.