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Good News Friday: An amazing story of a man walking 20 miles to his new job. France World Cup hero Mbappe does a great thing. And the MLB player who built a “Miracle Field” for kids with special needs.

Happy Friday to all of my readers; hope you’re enjoying a gorgeous summer Friday with people you love.

Truly wonderful story to start off with today; I’ve read and seen variations of this kind of tale a lot over the years, but this one seems particularly remarkable.

A 20-year-old college student in Birmingham, Ala. named Walter Carr was due to start a new job with a moving company recently. The night before he was to start, his car broke down, and with very little money and no time to get it fixed, he had to figure something out.

The job was 20 miles away from his apartment. So Carr decided to start walking at midnight, and figured he could get to the moving job in eight or nine hours.

What happened next, when he encountered some police officers, and the rest of his journey, is truly amazing. And wait till you read what the family that was moving that day, and Walter’s boss, did for him.

I really don’t want to give too much away, because The Washington Post’s Allison Klein does a sensational job of weaving this tale.

Such determination by this kid. Such kindness showed by others. There’s always hope out there.

**Next up today, if you followed the World Cup at all you know that a big reason France won was the play of 19-year-old phenom Kylie Mbappe. Well, Mbappe just became an even bigger hero this week after announcing he was donating his entire earnings from the tournament to a charity that gives free sports instruction to hospitalized and disabled children in sports, Premiers de Cordee.

The donation will be for just more than $500,000, and Mbappe has been involved with the charity for a few years.

“When his schedule allows it, he intervenes for us with pleasure,” said Sebastien Ruffin, the GM of Premiers de Cordee. He has a very good [relationship] with children, he always finds the right [words] to encourage them. I sometimes even feel that [he] takes more pleasure to play with the kids than the kids themselves.”

Sounds like Mbappe has a great future, in philanthropy and in soccer.

**Finally today, if you’re looking for a major league baseball player to root for the rest of the year, I nominate Josh Reddick of the Houston Astros. The Georgia native did something amazing over the past few years; he’s built a brand-new Little League field specially for children with special needs near his hometown in Effingham County, Ga.

He spent more than $1 million of his own money to build Josh Reddick Field, partially to honor his Dad, who was severely injured in an accident when Josh was a newborn.

What a wonderful field, and wonderful gesture. He’s got my support for the rest of his career.