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Two feel-good basketball stories for your Friday. And how “Words with Friends” saved a man’s life

Since it’s Good News Friday, I’m restraining myself from making comments about last night’s wildly entertaining GOP presidential debate. But if you want to see the ultimate example of chutzpah and gall, watch a twice-divorced man, who left his first wife after she was diagnosed with cancer, get all righteous and indignant and shit over being asked about his second wife’s recent comments. Newt, nobody does chutzpah like you, pal.

Aquille Carr, a 5-foot-7 high school junior basketball star from Baltimore, may have the best nickname I’ve heard in a long, long time.

They call him “The Crimestopper.” Why? Because people say that when his games at Patterson High are going on, crime decreases in the tough Baltimore neighborhood he lives in.

Check out for yourself how good the little fella is; He’s got Harlem Globetrotter-quality dribbling moves; how can you not root for him to make it?

**Elena DelleDonne is a superstar women’s basketball player I’ve written about a few times, so I’ll just briefly recount her story here: No. 1 women’s high school recruit a few years ago out of a high school in Delaware, committed to play at UConn, then was homesick and moved back closer to her family. Elena is incredibly close with her older sister Lizzie, who was born deaf, blind and with cerebral palsy.

After taking a year off from basketball, DelleDonne returned, not to a national powerhouse but to her local school, University of Delaware (my proud alma mater! Well, I hope they’re proud of me). And now in three years she has made my Blue Hens one of the top teams in the nation, and DelleDonne was the subject of this great Sports Illustrated article this week.

She seems like a wonderful kid and I’m glad she’s bringing positive attention to my school.

**Finally today, just about everyone I know seems to play “Words with Friends,” which unless you’ve been living under a rock for a while, is a Scrabble-like game you play with multiple friends on your cellphone.

Well, except for being a giant time-waster and also helping people expand their vocabularies, it turns out the game can actually save lives. Check out this remarkable story about two couples, one in Australia and the other in Missouri, and how their friendship and bond over the game, saved the Australian husband’s life.

It’s a cliche but it’s true: With the Internet, our world gets smaller and smaller every day, doesn’t it?