Good News Friday: An incredible version of “Sounds of Silence” from a metal band. A great April Fool’s ad about toilet paper. And a 9-year-old news reporter coming for the world

As I sit here contemplating just how quickly my New York Rangers will be knocked out of the playoffs this year after another disastrous loss Thursday night, I say how do you do and how you be, and Happy Friday to you.

We start today with a musical performance that blew me away. I’d never heard of the band Disturbed, but I’m told by my best friend Clay they’re a heavy metal group. (which explains why I’ve never heard of them, I gave up metal 20 years ago when Guns N’ Roses broke up).

Anyway, Disturbed was on “Conan” the other night and played this amazing cover of the classic Simon and Garfunkel song, “Sounds of Silence.”

Lead singer David Draimin sounds so beautiful.


**Next up, loyal reader Sanford pointed me to this story, and I love it. A 9-year-old girl named Hilde Kate Lysiak is scooping veteran reporters and news outlets in her hometown of Selinsgrove, Pa., and I’m not talking about scooping them on a kitten stuck in a tree or a Little League game.

Hilde, the daughter of a former New York Daily News reporter, beat her competition on a murder recently, posting her “Orange Street News” story online, and then, you know, returning to third grade.

I just like letting people know all the information,” Hilde said Monday to the Washington Post (which then offered her a full-time job. I’m kidding. I think.) Hilde has gotten criticism from her neighborhood for some of her reporting, with some questioning what a 9-year-old knows about local crime.

“If you want me to stop covering news, then you get off your computers and do something about the news. There, is that cute enough for you?”

You go, Hilde! Love this kid.

**And finally today, I didn’t see a lot of really clever April Fool’s jokes last Friday, but this one was fabulous. Toilet paper producer Quilted Northern “introduced” its new artisanal-style product, with wonderful examples.

Well-played, Quilted Northern. And I really want me some of that.



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