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Tina Fey returns to “SNL” to eat cake, hilariously. The new app that tells you when is a good time to pee during a movie. And “Episodes” on Showtime is back and I’m super-excited.

We are in strange, strange times, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t think it’s possible for you to forget that, but just in case, I like to remind everyone of that every once in a while.

Before I get into today’s blog, just wanted to share two things with you. First, an amazing catch from the Junior League World Series (kids are aged 13-15) in Pennsylvania on Sunday. This is Jack Regenye of Kennett, Square, Pa., and this is 47 kinds of awesome.

Second, Axios.com, a news/politics website, has a story up on why senior Trump administration officials stay at their jobs when their boss is clearly mentally deficient and/or crazy. The whole story is fascinating, but this story ought to give you the warm and fuzzies on a Monday…

You have no how much crazy stuff we kill,” one of them said.

Well, I feel better now. OK, on with the show…

We begin today with Tina Fey, who always seems to pop up on “SNL” or somewhere else right when we need her. “SNL” is doing short “Weekend Update” shows during the summer, and last Thursday night, in the midst of all the Charlottesville neo-nazi madness, she appeared to be hilarious and eat some cake.

Take it away, Tina, and what she said about Trump as a developer at the 5:35 mark had me laughing out loud…

**Next up today, there are some apps that we all know are completely useless, and serve no purpose. This one I’m about to tell you about? Genius, and totally useful.

You know when you’re in a movie theater watching a flick, and you’ve really got to go to the bathroom but you’re afraid you’ll miss the best part? Of course you do, we’ve all had that happen.

But suffer no more, my friends. Let me introduce you to RunPee, an iPhone app that you start right when the movie begins, and then it buzzes in your pocket when a boring part is coming up, letting you know it’s safe to go do your business.

This article in The Guardian tested out RunPee and showed that, for example, the best time to pee during Casablanca is minute 59, just after Ilsa and Laszlo have failed to get a pair of exit visas from fez-sporting kingpin Ferrari.

The Shawshank Redemption? Right after Andy gives Red a harmonica. The Godfather? Right after “Take the cannoli” is uttered.

Seriously, this app is a fantastic idea. Sure, lots of movies you see you wouldn’t mind missing the whole thing. But with RunPee, you can be assured you won’t regret drinking that 32 ounce Coke during the previews.

What a time to be alive!

**Finally today, I’ve been waiting two darn years for one of my favorite TV shows to finally come back on the air, and Sunday night it actually did. “Episodes,” on Showtime, is a program I’ve raved about in this space before, and it’s one of the most underrated, consistently funny shows you will find.

It’s been so long since this hilarious show about Matt LeBlanc (playing himself) and two British sitcom writers navigating their way through network TV hell has been on, I’d almost forgotten how great it was.

Well, we watched the season premiere a few days ago and I’m thrilled to report it’s as funny as ever. LeBlanc’s deadpan expressions kill me, the Brits Bev and Sean have amazing chemistry, and Merc is still Merc and Carol is still Carol.

Here’s the trailer for Season 5 (the final season, sadly). Sunday nights, 10 pm, Showtime. Watch. This. Show.


David Letterman’s fabulous tribute to Pearl Jam. Fallon comes back to “SNL” and kills it. And final thoughts from a wonderful California vacation

And a Happy Monday to you all, we got back from our fun family vacation to Los Angeles and San Diego Sunday and while we’re all exhausted, it was an incredibly fun time (more thoughts at the end of this post).

Wanted to catch up on a few things I missed, and I’d heard this was amazing and so wanted to share after just watching it.

David Letterman seems to be slowly emerging from his shell after being out of the public eye following the end of his TV show. Last week, when Neil Young fell ill, it was Dave who got the honor of inducting Pearl Jam into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a ceremony in New York.

The speech was beautiful, touching, funny and wonderful; whether you love him or Pearl Jam or both or neither, I think it’s terrific. An excerpt:

On being hypnotized by Pearl Jam’s classic “Black”:

You know the song “Black.” There was a period in my life when I couldn’t stop doing this [mimics the refrain]. Great. Now we owe them a lot of money. Honest to God that’s all I could hear running through my head. I kept wondering how many times does this refrain occur in the song. I finally had to go to my hypnotist to get it to stop [mimics the refrain again]. One night on the show I’m doing it and the stage door bursts open, in walks Eddie Vedder. He sings the song with Paul [Shaffer] and the band. Then he comes over to me and looks me right in the eye and he says, “Stop doing that.” And I was cured, ladies and gentlemen.

The whole speech is terrific, I highly recommend watching it.

**Next up, I never liked Jimmy Fallon all that much on “Saturday Night Live,” guy cracked himself up way too much and ruined some really good sketches by doing it.

But hey, Fallon has been a huge success as a talk-show host, and so returned to “SNL” over the weekend to host. This cold open they did with Alec Baldwin and Fallon and others was really funny…

**Finally today, a few more thoughts on our trip, which proved once and forever that we all really ought to move to San Diego:

— The highlight of the whole trip for our little guy was definitely Sea World; the excitement and joy he got out of seeing the dolphins, sea otters and sharks was indescribable; he squealed and laughed and said “Whoa!” so many times I lost track. They had a terrific “Pet Show Live” performance, too, with dogs and cats and other creatures.

I know, I know, the movie “Blackfish” talked about how horrible some of the animals are treated at Sea World. But we loved it and would definitely go back.

— I learned that if ever flying to Southern California, go through the Long Beach airport. It totally rocks. Small, easy to maneuver, rental car agencies right on site, just enough food options to satisfy, tons of outlets to plug into … just an all-around great airport. Highly recommend it.

— One thing my wife and I thought about on the way home are the casual lies we tell our children; a few times on the trip we told our little guy that a certain museum or park was “closed,” but really it was just that we didn’t have time to go there like we said we would. We went somewhere else, he was happy, and never knew the difference.

Casual lies, who do they hurt?

— JFK airport at 5:30 a.m. on Easter Sunday morning was way, way more crowded than I ever would’ve guessed. We took the red-eye from Long Beach to JFK late Saturday night and when we landed, man, it was like rush-hour on a Friday in there. Who knew so many people fly so early?

— Best meal in San Diego was breakfast on our final day. Richard Walker’s Pancake House, with pancakes the size of Lake Tahoe. Just delicious and enormous.

—  Finally, a shout-out to the JetBlue flight attendant who, after we landed Sunday, lifted up the car seat that contained our sleeping toddler, carried it 30 feet down the aisle to the gate without waking him. You, sir, deserve a raise. (Also enjoyed hearing the flight attendants on both flights make sly jokes about United and their recent disaster; they were also thrilled it wasn’t them who got embarrassed.)